Bank of Scotland Mobile Bank Customer Reviews:


BOS Mobile App

Very fast and simple

So easy and comprehensive

Saves so much time, fab app!

Limited information about DDs

I would love to see information about DD dates and amounts, not just a name and random reference with option to cancel. Otherwise works well and never glitchy for me.

Bank of Scotland app

I don't know what I would do without this app. Makes banking a lot easier. So convenient and easy to use.


Chust Sublime, Dougie, chust sublime!


no problems with it at all

Ms Carole Spence

This app is great,can't fault it.

Great app

Find this app really easy to use and constantly coming up with ways to make it better. Good job

Been using this BoS online approx about 5-6 years, never a problem, always worked fine, only problem with using it on mobile is you cannot read messages due to lack of space

Very easy to use. Quick and convenient wherever you are.

Mr. Haydushki

Easy to use and strong secured.

So easy

J bolling

It is quick and easy to work has most opions u would need

Great app! Always updating functionality.

Android banking

Just love the ease of this app. Can check accounts and do xfers at the touch of a button.

Very handy

Very efficient App

Loved it.

Its all right for me.never gave me any problem.

Does not work

Don't know what has happened. Tried to log in and the app says I have too many devices registered. I only have 2. Tried to log in on my moto g which I have been using for a year with no problem. Same issue happens. Sort this out BOS

Very Useful

Handy wee app easy to navigate and never have any problems logging in over wifi or mobile data

G Prior

Love this app. Makes banking so easy

Very good app

Would be lost without it 5 star


Logging in can be touchy but least its very secure but can be a pain in the arse when you get locked out. Other than that not too bad.

Brilliant App

I have had no problems using this app. It's really good.


Good stuff, works again

Useful App

Does everything you need for banking.

Easy to use and does the job


Good app for paying your children money never had a problem with it

Great and easy app to use

Susan Woods

Its rubbish, I couldn't download the update. Bank told me to uninstall then reinstall. Now I have nothing. App and advice from staff is useless. Please sort it NOW.

Great app

Rarely ever fails. I can everything I need but agree that notifications should be given when approaching limit or when a payment due to come out will take you overt the limit to prevent it being bounced. I'm glad there's no fingerprint login. Horrible idea.

love this app

Bank of Scotland

Online banking


Saves me so much time

Every thing below fixed

Great app. Works perfectly and reliably . Hence the stars

Easy, Fast and reliable

Great application

Extremely helpful and easy to use

It's great !

New rating because it has improved by leaps and bounds !




Brilliant easy and fast